Narcissism To Rebirth Book - Exposing Narcissistic Personality Disorder and Finding Wholeness After Narcissistic Abuse.

Take The Hero's Journey And Become Who You Were Meant To Be Before The Abuse

Narcissism To Rebirth Book - Exposing Narcissistic Personality Disorder and Finding Wholeness After Narcissistic Abuse.

Available in German

Available in German

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How To Kill A Narcissist - The essential book on narcissistic abuse recovery and healing from a narcissistic relationship.
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Narcissism To Rebirth Book - Exposing Narcissistic Personality Disorder and Finding Wholeness After Narcissistic Abuse.
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You have successfully exposed the narcissist and are on the path to recovery. Yet you find that the imprints of narcissistic abuse still hold you back in your life. ‘How To Bury A Narcissist’ is a guide for those wanting to move on for good and maximise their potential.

Throughout this book, the mythology of the hero's journey will serve you as a guide. Like the hero in the story, you will leave the familiar behind, venture into the darkness within, and conquer the inner “demons” of your past.

The road to transformation is separated into four parts:

1. THE ORIGINS OF SELFHOOD: Learn about the building blocks of the True Self; security, vitality, tenacity, divinity and wisdom. Understand how your True Self was stunted by your upbringing, and how you actualise by unifying its elements.

2. THE AGE OF NARCISSISM: See the bigger picture of how narcissism descends at all levels; from its psychological roots to its impact on society at large. Explore in detail the roles and dynamics of the narcissistic family and how this blueprint corrupts all manner of social groups, including business, friendship and community. Consciousness of this hidden pathology frees your mind and prepares you for the journey ahead.

3. THE HERO’S JOURNEY: Embark on a modern-day spiritual journey to rescue your wounded inner child and discover the source of your personal power — the True Self. Here you will reclaim and unite the five fundamental forces of the Self: security, vitality, tenacity, divinity and wisdom. Meanwhile, you will heal your trauma one layer at a time, purging the damage of narcissistic abuse from the inside out.

The hero’s journey includes eight stages for Self development:

  1. Awakening: Explore how duality leaves you vulnerable to brainwashing and put an end to it.
  2. Orphanhood: Face and release your abandonment wound. Channel the strength of the Orphan archetype to carry you through the wilderness.
  3. Metamorphosis: Use the art of centering to carve through the confusion and pave the way to your True Self, setting you up for transformation.
  4. Reclaiming Security: Ground yourself and learn to thrive in the face of uncertainty and fear.
  5. Reclaiming Vitality: Unleash spontaneity and evolution by merging with the flow of life and learning to truly see and connect with your Self and others.
  6. Reclaiming Tenacity: Welcome tension as an agent for growth, and use it to increase your assertiveness and capacity to set boundaries.
  7. Reclaiming Divinity: Learn to validate yourself from within while unleashing the fullness of your energy onto the world.
  8. Reclaiming Wisdom: Tap into the vast intelligence inside by embracing shame as an ally, using it for maturity, understanding and insight.

4. THE RETURN: Having sufficiently developed your True Self, you awaken into wholeness. The tyranny of narcissism collapses, and you look ahead with hope to an empowered, actualised way of life. You discover meaning and purpose inside, and begin to contribute your newly found gifts to the world around you.

Through helping you grow the inherent forces of the Self, ‘How To Bury A Narcissist’ opens you to an unimaginable state of power. This profound shift transforms the narcissist’s influence from a deadly storm into a harmless breeze, allowing you to finally move on and become who you were born to be.

This is the art of burying a narcissist.

Book Reviews

Kindle Customer
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So much resonates. Many answers bere. Just bought both books after the journey of healing from narcs. Seeking to clear the roots and rise higher, sparing my children this heritage. Seeking evolution, understanding at a deeper level.
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I wish I had found this book earlier. One of the best books on narcissism I have ever read. The cover was slow to catch my eye, but the content showed itself to be just what I needed to read.
Kindle Customer
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Great book. Helps a lot more then you would think.
Kindle Customer
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I believe that the only thing holding this book back is the terms used which the author has to give meaning to, but if you're not into mainstream meditation and Buddhism and are looking for something more practical then this isn't the best, however it is enlightening and in depth in terms of thought process and insight into the narcissistic hell people find themselves in.

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