Narcissists entrap their targets in the realm of duality and power; a suffocating dystopia of rigid extremes, where you are either useful or worthless — yet never valued.

You have successfully dismantled your relationship with the narcissist and are on the path to recovery. With a taste for freedom, you now have new questions:

- What causes narcissism?
- How exactly did I get caught up in it?
- And most importantly: How do I complete the healing process and make sure it never happens to me again?

'Narcissism To Rebirth' aims to free you once and for all by:

1. Revealing to you the entire scope of narcissism, from how it plagues the natural development of the Self to its infection of society at large.
2. Leading you out of narcissism's shadow and toward the actualisation of your True Self.

After reading this book, you will:

- Have awakened the five forces of the Self; security, vitality, tenacity, divinity and wisdom.
- Be able to recognise the psychological traits and complexes which make you vulnerable to manipulation.
- Become aware of the archetypes behind the figures in your life and how they can hinder your actualisation.
- Understand the roles and dynamics of the narcissistic family.
- Be able to spot narcissism in all facets of life; family, romantic relationships, friendship groups, companies as well as spiritual movements.

Determining your place in this eco-system is crucial. From there, a modern-day 'hero journey' will take you from the world of duality and ego and into the source of personal power — your True Self. This journey of 'Self' development includes eight stages:

1. Awakening: Explore how the split leaves you vulnerable to manipulation, and work toward its resolution.
2. Orphanhood: Release your abandonment wound and channel the strength of the Orphan archetype during your time in the wilderness.
3. Metamorphosis: Use the art of centering to carve through confusion and pave the way to your True Self, setting you up for transformation.
4. Reclaim security: Ground yourself in the unknown and explore the nature of fear, trauma and life energy.
5. Reclaim vitality: Unleash spontaneity and evolution by merging with the flow of life and learning to truly see and connect with your Self and others.
6. Reclaim tenacity: Welcome tension as an agent for growth, and use it to increase your assertiveness and capacity to set boundaries.
7. Reclaim divinity: Cultivate a sense of pride that does not rely on outside validation, while allowing the fullness of your energy to penetrate all facets of your life.
8. Reclaim wisdom: Transform shame into an ally, using it for maturity, enlightenment and insight by deepening your relationship with your unconscious.

Through helping you cultivate the five forces of the Self, 'Narcissism To Rebirth' opens you to an unimaginable state of power. This profound shift reduces what was once an inevitable storm into a tiny breeze. The psychological cage shatters, and your conscious awareness quickly exposes the petty nature of the narcissistic game, allowing you to finally move toward actualisation and wholeness.

This is the art of rebirth after narcissism.