BOOK 2Narcissism To Rebirth

Narcissists entrap their targets in the realm of duality and power; a suffocating dystopia of rigid extremes, where you are either useful or worthless — yet never valued.

‘Narcissism To Rebirth’ aims to put the issue to bed by:

1. Revealing the entire scope of narcissism, from how it plagues the development of the Self to its infection of society at large.
2. Providing a guide for personal power through the transformation of your Core Self.

We begin by exploring the five forces of the Self; a set of archetypal energies that fuel your actualisation. These are:

Security: The state of feeling ‘ok’ in an uncertain world.
Vitality: A flow state which allows you to evolve and grow in inconceivable ways.
Tenacity: The capacity to thrive under tension, as well as confidently engage in healthy conflict.
Divinity: A sense of legitimacy in the world, of having the inherent right to express power.
Wisdom: The ability to go beyond the mind and intuit knowledge through your True Self, drawing on the dizzying resources of the unconscious.

By cultivating these five forces, an unimaginable state of power opens up to you which eclipses the pettiness of the narcissistic game.

After reading this book, you will:

– Understand how the narcissistic personality develops and spreads.
– Recognise the human tendency to ‘split,’ that is, to worship or vilify others while ignoring their humanity, along with how a narcissist exploits this for their gain.
– Become aware of the archetypes which hinder your capacity to experience power.
– Understand the dynamics of the narcissistic family.
– Appreciate how narcissism can impact all facets of life; romantic relationships, friendship groups, organisations as well as spiritual movements.

Determining your place in this eco-system is crucial. From there, a modern-day ‘hero journey’ will take you from the duality-based world of the ego and into the source of personal power — your True Self. This journey of ‘Self’ development includes eight stages:

1. Awakening: Explore how the split leaves you vulnerable to manipulation, and work toward its resolution.
2. Orphanhood:
Release your abandonment wound and channel the strength of the Orphan archetype during your time in the wilderness.
3. Metamorphosis:
Use the art of centering to carve through confusion and pave the way to your True Self, setting you up for transformation.
4. Reclaim security:
Ground yourself in the unknown and explore the nature of fear, trauma and life energy.
5. Reclaim vitality:
Unleash spontaneity and evolution by merging with the flow of life and learning to truly see and connect with your Self and others.
6. Reclaim tenacity:
Welcome tension as an agent for growth, and use it to increase your assertiveness and capacity to set boundaries.
7. Reclaim divinity: Cultivate a sense of pride that does not rely on outside validation, while allowing the fullness of your energy to penetrate all facets of your life.
8. Reclaim wisdom: Transform shame into an ally, using it for maturity, enlightenment and insight by deepening your relationship with your unconscious.

By developing your True Self and exposing the realm of power, ‘Narcissism To Rebirth’ helps you transcend the madness of narcissism which entraps you.

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Note: This is an all-new, extended edition of the original book ‘Killing Narcissism.’ It has been completely restructured to better explore the concept of ‘Self’ development while maintaining the original core information about the narcissistic family and narcissist regime.