The follow up to the top-seller ‘How To Kill A Narcissist.’

Take a hero journey through the heart of narcissism and emerge into wholeness and freedom.

‘Narcissism To Rebirth’ is a guide for those wanting to complete their recovery from narcissistic abuse once and for all. The book is split into three parts:

1. Selfhood: Understand the building blocks of the True Self and how you can become actualised by unifying all of its elements.

2. Narcissism: See how narcissism arises to compensate when trauma and abuse corrupt the Self and stunt its natural development. Explore in detail the roles and dynamics of the narcissistic family and how this blueprint carries over to all layers of society including business, friendship and community. Determine your place in this landscape so you can map your way out.

3. Transformation: Reclaim and unite the five forces of the True Self: Security, vitality, tenacity, divinity and wisdom. Heal your trauma one layer at a time, purging the damage of narcissistic abuse from the inside-out.

Through helping you grow the inherent forces of the Self, 'Narcissism To Rebirth' opens you to an unimaginable state of power. This profound shift reduces narcissism from a storm into a tiny breeze, allowing you to finally move on and become who you were born to be.

This is the art of rebirth after narcissism.