Healing From A Narcissistic Relationship – A Beginner’s Guide

Healing from a narcissistic relationship

Healing from a narcissistic relationship is a delicate process. The following is a practical guide on dealing with some of the most challenging effects of narcissistic abuse. From dissociation, to post-abuse depression, to the finer points on healing, this guide aims to provide you with clarity and direction on your journey toward narcissistic abuse recovery. […]

How To Deal With A Narcissist

How To Deal With A Narcissist

To deal with a narcissist, you need a battle strategy. This means knowing the lay of the land, making necessary preparations, training, and using the field to your advantage. The strategy includes four levels: 1. Understand The Narcissist’s Game A lot of personal development for healing narcissistic abuse goes beyond the mind, especially when you’re […]

How To Stop Narcissistic Triangulation

Stopping narcissistic triangulation requires first understanding how triangulation works, how it is maintained within us, and how we transcend it through a strong spiritual practice. In this article you will obtain new perspectives and tools, and ultimately gain a blueprint for overcoming the narcissist’s manipulative and destructive triangulation; in romantic relationships, the narcissistic family, and […]

How To Stop Being A Narcissist

Healing from a narcissistic relationship

As most people today tend to agree, the short answer as to whether you can stop being a narcissist and heal your narcissistic wound is no. The long answer, however, is more complicated. Healing is always possible, but there are numerous factors at play. The first question to ask is: Do you exhibit covert or overt […]

Why You Attract Narcissists

After another bruising encounter with a narcissist, a question pops into your mind: “Why do I attract narcissists, and how do I stop attracting them?“ To address this age old question, I’ve separated it into two parts. Firstly, I will argue that a certain personality type attracts narcissists. And secondly, I will explain the mindset […]

Verdeckter Narzissmus – 5 Anzeichen, um ihn zu erkennen

Das Thema Narzissmus wird aktuell von der Presse verstärkt aufgegriffen. Diese Entwicklung ist positiv zu sehen: Nur wenn immer mehr Menschen lernen, dass das, was ihnen widerfährt, narzisstischer Missbrauch ist, können sie sich gegen diese Art von Ausbeutung wappnen. Es ist kein Zufall, dass das wachsende Interesse am Thema Narzissmus ins Zeitalter der sozialen Medien […]

Der Empath, der Narzisst und der Weg zur Freiheit

Manche Menschen scheinen Narzissten immer wieder anzuziehen. Sie tun es nicht mit Absicht: es passiert einfach. Sie scheinen auf natürliche Art mit Narzissten zu „klicken“. Möglicherweise rekreieren sie damit unbewusst eine Familiendynamik aus ihrer Kindheit, beispielsweise das Heranwachsen unter einem narzisstischen Elternteil. Jedoch ist noch ein anderer Grund möglich: Es kann sein, dass der Betroffene […]

How do you attract the right relationship?

Attract the right relationship

Are we in the right relationship? How do we find one that fulfills us and aligns with our True Self? How do we attract the above? These are questions that most of us have asked. It’s one of those ubiquitous life searches that we are all so familiar with. Some of us do create a […]

Four Stages Of Healing After Narcissistic Abuse

Four stages of healing after narcissistic abuse

Healing from a narcissistic relationship can be a difficult process. You will have many difficult days, where the fog consumes you and leaves you in a state of absolute despair. The long-term effects of narcissistic abuse include the loss of confidence, willpower and ability to set boundaries. Narcissistic abuse leaves you in a disempowered state. […]

Ein Leitfaden zur Heilung von narzisstischem Missbrauch

Narzisstischer Missbrauch ist eine heimtückische Macht. Er kann einen Menschen verschlingen, ihm seine Energie entziehen und ihn völlig erschöpft wieder ausspucken. Zu seinen Folgen gehören ein zerrüttetes Selbstwertgefühl, ein brennendes Gefühl der Wertlosigkeit, Selbsthass oder sogar posttraumatischer Stress. Für eine Zielperson von Narzissmus kann es sich so anfühlen, als würden die schrecklichen Nachwirkungen des Missbrauchs […]

Anzeichen von Narzissmus, die Sie vielleicht nicht sehen

Long-term effects of narcissistic abuse

Vielen Zielpersonen von Narzissmus fällt es schwer, überhaupt zu bemerken, dass sie einen Narzissten in ihrem Umfeld haben oder sogar eine Beziehung mit ihm führen. Ein Grund liegt darin, dass es zwar eine medizinische Klassifikation für Narzissmus gibt, diese jedoch für die Anwendung im Alltag häufig zu abstrakt ist. Das von der American Psychiatric Association […]

The Phantom: The Hidden Power Behind Narcissistic Abuse

The power behind narcissistic abuse

The show begins. A permanent smile that makes your cheeks sore. An endlessly positive conversation flow. Forced laughter. It is a majestic tip-toeing around a cunning presence lurking in the shadow of your unconscious. This presence hides behind a facade, pulling strings and snatching control from you with jolts of fear, guilt and shame to […]

What Is Body Wisdom?

The Empath is a sensitive creator, and must fortify their gifts from the narcissist

You are gifted with body wisdom. We all are. Not all of us know how to tap into the intelligence it offers us. Instead,  most of us function from our headspace, which most of the time is limited, unless of course we need to do a mathematical calculation or figure out how to get from […]

The Long-Term Effects Of Narcissistic Abuse

The long-term effects of narcissistic abuse

The long-term effects of narcissistic abuse run deeper than you can consciously fathom. It impacts your body, your mind, your perceptions, your beliefs, and runs all the way into the core of your True Self. The Self is governed by four main emotions; shame, pride, love and hate. Through visual and vocal cues, the narcissist […]

Signs Of A Narcissist You Might Not See

Signs of a narcissist you might not see

The signs of a narcissist are summarised through the DSM-5 diagnostic criteria, which include ‘self-importance’, ‘requires excessive admiration’, and ‘lacks empathy’. However, what the DSM-5 does not cover are the covert, insidious signs of a narcissist which many people are unaware of, and which over time do the most damage. These signs include what the […]

Healing C-PTSD Flashbacks After Narcissistic Abuse

Breaking free from the narcissistic mother

The symptoms of Complex-PTSD are often hard to pinpoint, since they developed over time due to repeated narcissistic abuse. Like the boiling frog, we were exposed to abuse gradually and are only now realising its debilitating effect. Much of the impact of narcissistic abuse can therefore be confused with general anxiety and an unshakeable feeling […]

How To Stop Attracting Narcissists

A narcissistic relationship is, by definition, one person psychologically orbiting around the false self of a grandiose other through coercion and manipulation. To stop attracting narcissists, you need to see this fact clearly, anchor yourself within, and then find and maintain your grip on reality as you get to know people. Find your centre The […]

Guérir d’une mère narcissique

Breaking free from the narcissistic mother

Une mère narcissique est source de beaucoup d’anéantissement et de douleur pour les enfants-adultes de narcissisme. C’est un sujet délicat. De l’enfance à l’âge adulte, elle reste l’ombre constante que la victime tente d’échapper. Cependant, se détacher et guérir de la mère narcissique peut avoir un impact positif sur la vie d’une personne de manières inimaginables, […]

La famille narcissique expliquée

Les raisons du dysfonctionnement familial varient considérablement. La plupart du temps, le parent est alcoolique ou toxicomane. Ces dysfonctionnements sont faciles à repérer. Une cause cachée de dysfonctionnement familial plus difficile à voir est le narcissisme, qui est au cœur de la famille narcissique. Dans une famille saine, les parents sont émotionnellement stables et mènent une […]