What Is Body Wisdom?

The Empath is a sensitive creator, and must fortify their gifts from the narcissist

YOU are gifted with body wisdom. We all are. Not all of us know how to tap into the intelligence it offers us. Instead,  most

Signs Of A Narcissist You Might Not See

Signs of a narcissist you might not see

The signs of a narcissist are summarised through the DSM-5 diagnostic criteria, which include ‘self-importance’, ‘requires excessive admiration’, and ‘lacks empathy’. However, what the DSM-5

How To Deal With A Narcissist

How To Deal With A Narcissist

To deal with a narcissist, you need a battle strategy. This means knowing the lay of the land, making necessary preparations, training, and using the

How To Avoid Attracting A Narcissist

A narcissistic relationship is, by definition, one person psychologically orbiting around the false self of a grandiose other through coercion and manipulation. To avoid attracting

Guérir d’une mère narcissique

Breaking free from the narcissistic mother

Une mère narcissique est source de beaucoup d’anéantissement et de douleur pour les enfants-adultes de narcissisme. C’est un sujet délicat. De l’enfance à l’âge adulte, elle

La famille narcissique expliquée

Les raisons du dysfonctionnement familial varient considérablement. La plupart du temps, le parent est alcoolique ou toxicomane. Ces dysfonctionnements sont faciles à repérer. Une cause

5 Examples Of Covert Narcissistic Abuse

Currently, there is a rich discussion about narcissism in popular culture. This is great, since obtaining stories and examples of narcissistic abuse empowers millions against

How To Recognize A Covert Narcissist

Long-term effects of narcissistic abuse

To learn to recognize a covert narcissist, we need to look beneath the surface. A covert narcissist is referred to as a ‘vulnerable’ narcissist for