If you don't control your mind, someone else will.

- John Allston

The Definitive Book Series For Understanding Narcissism And Recovering From Narcissistic Abuse

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Transition from the pain and confusion of emotional abuse towards a life of clarity, purpose and healthy love

The fact that you’re here means you’re onto something..

Maybe a particular event burst the bubble and a small gap opened up as a result. A gap in what, you’re not sure, but you felt it. It happened when a significant person in your life went that little bit too far, and you finally said to yourself: ‘This is not normal. Why am I tolerating this crap?’ You didn’t really know what normal was, but you knew that the union which you have with this person is definitely not it.

Through this small gap which opened up, you may have begun to realise some or all of the following about your relationship:

  • It’s unbalanced: The other person seems to have the upper hand and the final say, and you have to struggle to get an equal footing with them. Their problems get top priority. When you try to express or assert yourself, the other person finds a way to subdue you and bring the focus back onto them.
  • It’s manipulative: Like being under a spell, the other person seems to have an uncanny ability to pull your strings and get their way with you. Often you don’t want them to, but it just happens. When you try to influence them in any way, you’re met with so many obstacles you give up.
  • It’s intrusive: They have a permanent place in your mind. There doesn’t seem to be any psychological separation between you and them, and they enter your emotional space effortlessly. You find yourself craving some separation and psychological ‘air’, but end up feeling enormous guilt. Being a distinct individual in control of your destiny does not feel like an option with them in your life.
  • It’s rigid: You don’t experience much growth from the relationship, and it doesn’t go anywhere fast. It feels ritualistic, and you wish there were more to it.
  • It’s exhausting: You walk on eggshells around that person. There’s no particular reason. Simply being around them makes you anxious, like you don’t quite stack up and you have to prove yourself to them.
  • It’s oppressive: It’s taken for granted that the other person is superior to you. Spending time with them leaves you with a hopeless sense of inferiority.
  • It’s hollow: The relationship feels empty and sad, and you don’t get much emotional nourishment from it.
  • It’s perplexing: You can never seem to find solid ground. There’s always a drama which must be addressed or something which the other person is unhappy about that you feel you need to fix. You crave peace and security, but it somehow always eludes you.
  • It sucks you in: There seems to be an invisible force which sucks you toward the other person. Even when you disconnect for a while, all it takes is a simple question to draw you back in and distract you from your task. You feel powerless to resist this emotional force, which seems to take on a life of its own.

Then one thing leads to another, and you find yourself googling ‘Narcissistic Personality Disorder’. You read a few articles, and your jaw drops. After the initial shock wears off, you investigate further. It’s like your life story is being told to you. You begin to wonder: can this be true? Do people like this really exist? You read on. Finally, it hits you with full force. You realise that you’re not crazy; what you’ve been experiencing all this time is definitely real. People like this do exist. Not only do they exist in the world, they exist in your world.

You don’t know whether to laugh or cry. You feel rage, sadness and despair, and a little bit of relief. You walk around with a sense of lightness, but also with a sense of having been stained somehow. Your entire reality has been turned on its head. You start questioning your core instincts. You realise that the relationship dynamics which you accepted and took as gospel are both unhealthy and grossly manipulative. You start to look at people differently. You monitor their behaviour, even that of the people you have known for years or a lifetime. The picture is not entirely clear. What is clear, however, is that you have a problem with narcissists, and you’re only just waking up to it.

Begin Your Journey Toward Healing From Narcissistic Abuse

The definitive books on narcissistic abuse recovery. Overcome narcissism and heal from a narcissistic relationship.

Introducing The Comprehensive Self-Help Books On Narcissism And Narcissistic Abuse Recovery

'How To Kill A Narcissist' and 'How To Bury A Narcissist' are for the targets of narcissism who:

  • Want to heal from a narcissistic relationship or are still in one.
  • Feel trapped in an environment of emotional abuse and need practical advice on how to break out.
  • Want to begin healing from narcissistic abuse and have no idea where to start.
  • Want to learn how to spot a narcissist and easily deal with them.
  • Want to learn about the hidden dynamics beneath narcissistic personality disorder.
  • Are looking for an extensive yet easy to read set of books on narcissism.
  • Want to overcome narcissistic abuse for good.

Book 1


How To Kill A Narcissist: Debunking The Myth Of Narcissism And Recovering From Narcissistic Abuse

Educate Yourself

Learn to identify emotional abuse and narcissistic traits. Understand how the narcissist uses shaming and mind control to break you down.

Protect yourself

With your newfound knowledge, learn to guard and protect yourself from toxic relationships with narcissists.

Break free and heal

Follow a simple step-by-step guide broken down into 7 easy practices to help you break free from narcissistic abuse. Escape the cycle of emotional abuse and become yourself again.

Book 2


How To Bury A Narcissist: Forever End The Narcissism Cycle And Find A New Beginning After Narcissistic Abuse

Understand Narcissism

Understand the dynamics of narcissism at home and in the world. Learn how the intergenerational narcissistic family permeates all of society.

Transform beyond Narcissism

Explore the eight stages for transformation to complete your narcissistic abuse recovery. Unleash security, vitality, tenacity, divinity and wisdom.

Unleash your authentic self

Get in touch with the inherent power of your True Self and become formidable. Live a life filled with agency, serenity and authenticity - on your own terms.

Book Reviews

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If you want to heal from narcissistic abuse read this book.
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This was the only narcissism book I’ve read that gave me hope.
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I wish I had found this book earlier. One of the best books on narcissism I’ve ever read.
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I have read many books on narcissism, all of which I bought from Amazon.com This is the only book I feel that teaches you how to heal.
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I feel like I'm coming home to a 'me,' the real me that's been hiding in fear for so long.
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After finding out and seeing the spider trap I was in thanks to being raised by a narcissistic mother, I finally came across a book that talks real action plans on how to get yourself and your life back.

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