Understand Narcissism

Uncover and break free of the shaming tactics of the narcissistic personality.

Free Your True Self

Follow a step-by-step guide to healing from narcissistic abuse; broken down into 7 simple practices.

Expose The Narcissist Regime

See how narcissism infects society at all levels and conditions you to provide narcissistic supply.

Actualise Your True Self

Unite the five forces of the Self and find lasting freedom by progressing through the 8 stages to transformation.

Identify What Keeps You Stuck

Overcome the obstacles to narcissistic abuse recovery:

The Psychological Cage


Conditioning To Shamelessness

Low Shame Tolerance

Incessant Guilt

Love Starvation

Undergo The 7 Practices For Recovery From Narcissistic Abuse

  1. Get allies.
  2. Give shape to your True Self.
  3. Skill up.
  4. Flex your muscles.
  5. Even the scale.
  6. Boundaries.
  7. Scorched earth.

Elevate Your Recovery

Take The Hero's Journey Toward Transformation

Hero's journey to transformation after narcissistic abuse

What Readers Are Saying


Kindle Customer
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I found this book to be extremely useful. It helped with both understanding the narcissistic environment and with charting a course forward. Many would-be resources on this topic offer a single solution: FLEE! Simon's book goes so much farther giving the reader the understanding and tools necessary to have a variety of ways to respond to a narcissistic relationship. You can't always just leave.
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This was the only narcissism book I’ve read that gave me hope. After a lifetime of psychological abuse I can hardly express how surprised I was to feel that. In the middle of reading it, I felt a longtime queasy knot in my stomach come undone. I don’t know what to say about the title other than to please look past it because it doesn’t reflect what’s inside.
Kindle Customer
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Best book about understanding and moving on... If you are in the process of recovering from narcissistic abuse I highly recommend this book.
Kindle Customer
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This was and is a great resource for individuals trying to extricate themselves from the grip of an abuser. It is a brisk read but chock full of practical help.


Kindle Customer
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So much resonates. Many answers bere. Just bought both books after the journey of healing from narcs. Seeking to clear the roots and rise higher, sparing my children this heritage. Seeking evolution, understanding at a deeper level.
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I wish I had found this book earlier. One of the best books on narcissism I have ever read. The cover was slow to catch my eye, but the content showed itself to be just what I needed to read.
Kindle Customer
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Great book. Helps a lot more then you would think.
Kindle Customer
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I believe that the only thing holding this book back is the terms used which the author has to give meaning to, but if you're not into mainstream meditation and Buddhism and are looking for something more practical then this isn't the best, however it is enlightening and in depth in terms of thought process and insight into the narcissistic hell people find themselves in.

About Me

I am a writer from Melbourne, Australia who eight years ago set about discovering his True Self. ‘How To Kill A Narcissist’ and ‘Narcissism To Rebirth’ are the result of this difficult process, which allowed me to move through my own obstacles while also documenting how others can conquer their demons and become unstuck from narcissistic abuse.

Everything I have written about I have worked through myself during my treacherous journey within. I hope that the hard-earned ‘gold’ which came through this work will support you on your journey to actualisation and wholeness.

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