How To Kill A Narcissist: Online Narcissistic Abuse Recovery Resource

The Definitive Resources And Books On Overcoming Narcissistic Abuse

Break Free With Powerful Insights And Practical Steps For Dealing With A Narcissist

After Narcissism: Cultivating Healthy Relationships

Some people need support in transitioning from narcissistic abuse toward a life of purpose and healthy, empowering connection.

Katinka Noack supports clients in inviting healthy love into their life while moving beyond emotionally abusive relationships. She can help you take your communication skills and boundary setting to the next level.

Book Reviews

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If you want to heal from narcissistic abuse read this book.
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This was the only narcissism book I’ve read that gave me hope.
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I wish I had found this book earlier. One of the best books on narcissism I’ve ever read.

The Definitive Books On Narcissistic Abuse Recovery

Book 1

Identify the narcissist

Arm yourself with knowledge about narcissism so you can identify emotional abuse and narcissistic traits.

Protect yourself

With your newfound knowledge, learn to guard and protect yourself from toxic relationships with narcissists.

Break free and heal from narcissistic abuse

Follow a simple step-by-step guide broken down into 7 easy-to-do practices to help you break free from narcissistic abuse. Begin to heal, escape the cycle of emotional abuse and become yourself again.

Book 2

Explore The Root Cause Of Narcissism

Protect yourself from narcissists in every facet of society. Learn how the world around you conditions you to provide narcissistic supply. See-through the facade — identify and break free so you can live your best life.

Transform beyond narcissism

Follow the 8 stages of transformation to complete your narcissistic abuse recovery. Immunise yourself so you never end up in a narcissistic relationship again.

Unleash your authentic self

Break out of the psychological cage caused by emotional abuse. Get in touch with your True Self and live your life peacefully and authentically on your own terms.

About The Author

I’m a writer from Melbourne Australia. Eight years ago I set out on a journey of self-discovery. Through gut-wrenching inner work, I found my authentic Self and full expression of who I am. With my passion for writing and purpose for helping people arm and heal themselves from toxic relationships, it’s been a transformational journey of growth and gratitude. From this six year process, two books: ‘How To Kill A Narcissist’ and ‘Narcissism To Rebirth,’ were born.

I am by no means a psychologist. My books are a byproduct of my own treacherous journey. Everything within them I’ve worked through myself. From learning and exposing the dynamics of emotional abuse to healing and recovering from narcissistic abuse.

My mission is to share everything I’ve learned through my mistakes, failures and triumphs. I hope the hard-earned ‘gold’ which came through this work supports you on your journey towards healing from a narcissistic relationship while finding wholeness and moving on for good.

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I have read many books on narcissism, all of which I bought from This is the only book I feel that teaches you how to heal.
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I feel like I'm coming home to a 'me,' the real me that's been hiding in fear for so long.
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After finding out and seeing the spider trap I was in thanks to being raised by a narcissistic mother, I finally came across a book that talks real action plans on how to get yourself and your life back.
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