Healing from a narcissistic relationship can be a treacherous experience. The following books help provide support on your recovery from emotional abuse. The first book, How To Kill A Narcissist, exposes the hidden dynamics of narcissistic personality disorder and provides a pratical path to personal power and freedom. The second book, Narcissism To Rebirth, delves deeper into how narcissism develops and spreads, so you can identify and avoid it in your everyday world. Each book empowers you deal with a narcissist, while progressively providing a map for self-actualisation which prepares you for life after narcissistic abuse.

The essential book on recovering from narcissistic abuse. Explore the seven practices for healing from a narcissistic relationship.

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One of the last books on narcissistic relationships you will need to read. Explore the eight stages for transformation and immunise yourself from narcissism for good.

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