What Is Body Wisdom?

By Katinka Noack

The Empath is a sensitive creator, and must fortify their gifts from the narcissist

You are gifted with body wisdom. We all are.

Not all of us know how to tap into the intelligence it offers us. Instead,  most of us function from our headspace, which most of the time is limited, unless of course we need to do a mathematical calculation or figure out how to get from one place to another in time. 

Our bodies never lie, they are the portal to our deepest truth and purest form of Self. When we are able to bring our energy down from our headspace to the depths of our body, this is where real magic lies. Once you access and meet this part of you, immense healing can start, endless possibilities arise, and you will find yourself able to build a fertile platform for healthy growth to ascend — you will experience important processes such as the growth into self-empowerment, self-love and expanded spirituality.

Real and creative answers to the questions of your life are within you. Your body holds an infinite abundance of everything you need to know. Your body knows because it holds everything opposite to lack (which remains in your headspace). Beyond the mind lies intuition, power, a life force greater than ourselves, the part of us that ‘just knows’ from a true place, as well as connection to the higher vibrational forces in life. Our bodies have no agenda apart from holding true wisdom and being our direct communication channel to our higher selves — free of the ego.

Opening your channel to body wisdom

As well as our bodies being consistently there and ready to welcome us at any point, our bodies are also constantly talking to us. This could be through physical pain or it could be through a feeling or sensation. An unhealthy habit of us humans is to pull the energy up towards our headspace through what feels like an involuntary process. It’s quick, it’s strong and it feels like a wild river. From there, a reaction uninformed by body wisdom takes place, and I can guarantee you that anyone who reacts to either physical or emotional experiences from their head will go down a slippery slope. An example of this might include a time where someone said something to you that made you mad. Energy rushed up into your head and before you knew it, you were spitting spiteful words back at this person, leaving you both feeling empty and damaged.

Nothing is authentically true or real if we function from this place. Instead of a ‘headspace reaction’ or ‘headspace decision-making’, it is best to explore grounding your energy down – into the wisdom of your body, trying to softly listen from there and make conscious choices of how to react in a way that will serve you. As I indicated at the beginning, your body wisdom has the ultimate knowing. It is the portal of deepest truth and awareness – the gateway to ‘yourself’. 

We are all gifted with body wisdom. If you know how to access it by coming into its power, then you will experience the magic that it brings. 

Practicing body wisdom

There are many ways of accessing this gift within you. You can begin to explore entering into the wisdom of your body by making certain shifts in your everyday life. These include different variant levels for each person. For example, when I met with my own body wisdom, I did so in quite an intense way with a professional by my side. I wanted to face my shadow and the places within myself that weren’t serving me. So I communicated with my body wisdom to help me move through (and past) my obstacles that were not benefiting me. My body wisdom stood in its truth, waiting for me to meet her and allow her to communicate through me in order to access my deeper knowing. Once I met with my deepest knowing and truth of who I was, life changed for me. I was able to make huge life changes because I accessed my inner power and strength from the wisdom within me. I was able to let go of some of the harmful ways I was living and instead move into healthier new narratives that align with my deeper truths, wishes and desires.

You can start by making small shifts in your everyday life. These include- 

  • Prioritise being in nature and make sure you pause: Nature can help you consciously open up all your senses. What are you hearing? What are you smelling? How does the ground feel beneath your feet? From there, what parts of your body are feeling energised by your experience and what parts of your body need more attention and love?
  • Introduce a meditation practice to your daily life: It doesn’t need to be long to begin with. In fact, you can start with just 5 minutes a day. Closing your eyes and going inwards at the start of your day can really help centre you because it supports you to bring your energy downwards. Meditation is also a great portal of connection between yourself and the higher powers and forces in life. 
  • Start creating a space for direct connection to the intelligence of life force: Whether this is through prayer to your God or the universe, it doesn’t matter. But what is important is that you begin to cultivate a relationship with an intelligence greater than you. Once you establish this, practice to surrender and open up trust towards ‘it’ – known as the divine. 
  • Make choices with intention: When you find yourself in a position where you need to make a decision, whether that is to figure out what to say to someone or whether to make a life change choice, it is always good to decide from a place of intention. Ask yourself: What are my greater needs? What is the impact of my choice? Who is it benefiting? Am I being true to myself?
  • Move your body: To connect with your body wisdom, you will need to keep your body moving. It needs to be stimulated. The less you move your body, the more chance of energy becoming stagnant. Subsequently, connection to your energy fields will be hard to access. Try doing 5-10 minutes of stretching or yoga in the mornings or commit to a daily half an hour walk. During and after your body movement practice, be conscious of the sensations within. Use this practice as a way to learn about the rhythms of your body.
  • Nourish your body: Treat your body as you would your best friend. Conscious eating creates body respect and therefore enables a better relationship to it. This will help life energy flow to move in and out of you, which will support you to get closer to what lies within your body vessel. 

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