Narcissism And Codependency Fictionalised

"Then I felt her. I had always felt her, trembling as she lay dormant inside me for over a decade, biding her time, wondering who would unlock the door and invite her out."


Jasmin Johnson is turning thirty, and her decade-long relationship is over. She’s terrified, but also relieved. No more endless drama or feeling small. No more unfulfilled fantasies. Jasmin is free to reconnect with what she lost — and do the forbidden things her relationship held her back from.

Jasmin’s best friend soon tempts her with an unexpected palate cleanser: a sex party in Berlin. Upon arriving in the city of hedonism, Jasmin feels a spark with the arrogant yet captivating Jordan; heir to a fortune and king of Berlin’s sex scene — a man with the power to satisfy Jasmin’s every desire, and the darkness to shatter her heart into pieces.

At Jordan’s side, however, is his shadow queen, Ana; temptress and matriarch of the scene with a knack for manipulation. And to complicate matters further, Jasmin’s ex comes crawling back. Caught between her dysfunctional roots and her dark temptation, Jasmin is lured into a cat-and-mouse game, ready to face her demons, unleash her sexuality, and discover who she really is.

‘The Final Fling’ explores codependency and narcissism in a world of polyamory, multiple partners and BDSM. It is for a mature audience only.

"I had held out hope that Thomas would find the key. It turned out I needed a throbbing hammer the whole time."

"I felt like an angel above the clouds being titillated by the devil. The only thing keeping me from plunging into the fire was a simple yes."

"Her laugh was entrancing, and there was no resisting her in that state. The darker the shadow, the brighter the light. We were Jordan & Ana for a reason."

The Final Fling explores the dynamics of codependency and narcissism in a story world of polyamory, BDSM and excess.

The Final Fling is an homage to Berlin; a tale of chaos, hedonism and love.