Healing From A Narcissistic Mother

The narcissistic mother is a source of much pain and guilt for adult children of narcissism. The impact of her manipulations and emotional neglect is a sensitive topic. From childhood through to adulthood, she remains a constant shadow which the abused sons and daughters struggle to escape. Yet untangling and healing from the narcissistic mother can positively impact a […]

The Narcissistic Family Explained

The reasons for family dysfunction vary significantly. A lot of the time, the parent is an alcoholic or is drug addicted. These dysfunctions are easy to spot. One covert cause of family dysfunction which is harder to see is narcissism, which lies at the core of the narcissistic family. In a healthy family, the parents are emotionally self-assured and live balanced, […]

The Empath, The Narcissist And The Path To Freedom

The Empath is a sensitive creator, and must fortify their gifts from the narcissist

The Empath is a person of deep emotional capacity and, at their core, a creator. A life of art and integrity can keep them from falling into the trap of narcissistic abuse and instead direct their yearning to where it was designed to be.

The Psychological Cage

The psychological cage is the narcissist’s prison system, and they are the warden. Can you see it?