About Me

My name is Simon Harrak, and I am originally from Melbourne, Australia, where I lived as a web designer. JH Simon is a psuedonym I used to conceal my identity, which allowed me the platform to share my work while maintaining the space to heal and actualise. The following is my story, as well as a summary of where I hope to go creatively moving forward.

My Story

After an unexpected spiritual awakening, my life went on an astronomical trajectory. I left home and spent the following eight years in Berlin, Germany, where I underwent a periof of ‘Self’ discovery, which led me into the heart of my True Self and revealed my calling. In those six years I wrote extensively, culminating in my maiden book ‘How To Kill A Narcissist,’ which proved far more successful than I could have imagined.

This instinctual process took six years. During this time, I realised that to pursue my actualisation and become whole, I needed to face the obstacles within myself. After some soul searching, I found that I was a product of incessant narcissistic abuse, which had alienated me from my core and left me shame-riddled and lost. This led me to uncover the hidden dynamics of narcissism and develop the most efficient path to recovery, healing and transformation. It was in that time that I found my gift — the ability to see hidden energetic patterns and truths behind conscious reality. I decided to apply this to writing, and I became an author.

My journey has taken me through long periods of conscious solitude, which helped reveal my True Self. There I was forced to confront my shadow, and to undertake the deeply painful trek into the dark night of the soul. During this time, I experienced many states of consciousness; through meditation, various substances, dance, therapy, books by great authors, journalling, various beautiful relationships, and deep reflection. 

Slowly, the greater picture revealed itself in the form of two books that go progressively deeper into the topic of narcissism and narcissistic abuse. From the crushing weight of shame, to the power of temporarily withholding your emotions, to the dynamics of power in relationships. From the narcissistic family, to society at large, all the way into the core of the True Self. I have witnessed, experienced and learned more about narcissism than I could have ever imagined.

The ‘Kill A Narcissist’ book series is a detailed documentation of my journey and discoveries, and by sharing my work I hope to offer support and guidance to those on their unique path toward healing and wholeness after narcissistic abuse.

Future Direction

From here, I will look to expand my work into masculinity, sexuality and the dynamics of power as a whole. This will take the form of storytelling, under my real name Simon Harrak, as well as further philosophy and self-help work under the pseudonym JH Simon. I hope this does not confuse my readers, but rather allows them to connect with the bodies of work that resonate most with them.

Soon I will be launching my author website, which will contain all of my current work and information about future work.

Thank you to all my readers for your support over the years, and for your wonderful feedback and comments on Quora. I am always available to discuss your questions and ideas, and will try to respond as soon as possible to emails.